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With store Simulator, you may experience a realistic and thrilling take on the role of a store manager. You will be in control of every aspect of this game. Including setting up your store layout, stocking shelves, and assisting clients.

In the game, a computer will be used by you to place product orders and modify pricing so that you may turn a profit while maintaining a satisfied client. To add to the intrigue, you will begin with a loan from gangs that you must repay in order to maintain the smooth operation of your company.

Various game modes cater to varying playing styles. Whether it a fast paced challenge or a laid back shopping experience. Supermarket Simulator is an engaging and entertaining approach to explore the world of retail management, regardless of your preferred style of play.

Run Your Own Virtual Grocery Store
You control and manage a store in the fun game store Simulator. In the game, you play as the boss and oversee your own store. You make all the decisions, including what to purchase, how to arrange the things, and even how much to charge. You’ll need to handle real challenges like keeping inventory and customer satisfaction. It is identical like managing an actual grocery shop in a video game.
Supermarket Simulator APK
Be the Boss Managing Stock and Goods

Purchasing and stock management are two of greatest features. As the boss of the game, you use a computer to buy goods for your company. After that, you unpack these items and arrange them in your store according to their intended positions. This might be stored on shelves or in refrigerators. Keeping everything accessible and well organized is the key. When customers go shopping, they may easily find what they need in this way.

Manage Your Supermarket Carefully

To keep your supermarket looking new and appealing, you’ll eventually need to make renovations, repaint walls or install new lights and decorations. You may increase revenue and earnings by upgrading and enhancing your shop often, drawing in new consumers, and raising customer satisfaction levels.

Realistic 3D Graphics and Open World

In Supermarket Simulator 3D Store you’ll experience an expansive environment and top notch, lifelike 3D visuals. Investigate every nook and cranny of the supermarket to experience the authentic setting and fine details. You can sense the genuineness of supermarket management in every little aspect. They from the goods on the shelves to the store décor.

Achieve Real Success

In Supermarket Simulator 3D Store there a chance for genuine success. Become a leader in the grocery sector by attentively running your store, drawing in people, raising sales and making profits. Display your managerial prowess and fulfill your entrepreneurial goals!

You’ll encounter the joys and difficulties of managing a grocery store. You’ll learn what it’s like to operate a store by taking payments, creating promotions, controlling inventory and avoiding theft. Launch the game right now to begin managing a store.
Supermarket Simulator


Check that clients are happy with their shopping and checkout experience as you scan products and accept cash and credit card payments.

Free Market

Handle the intricacies of an instantaneous marketplace. To balance profit margins and customer satisfaction, buy items at a discount and determine the best selling price.
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Main Features

  • Choose from a large assortment of goods.
  • Ensuring availability and variety to satisfy client demands.
  • To increase clientele and income, strategically use sales and promotions.
  • Arrange your goods in your shop to best use their space.
  • Guiding customers toward your best selling items.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows (64-bit) 10
  • Processor: i5 3550
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1050
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 5 GB available space


Supermarket Simulator 3D is a notable option for enthusiasts of management simulators. It provides a thorough and engaging experience by fusing precise shop operating fundamentals with a wealth of customization and expansion opportunities. Whether you’re planning your approach to Inventory Management, enhancing Customer Service or developing a personalized Pricing Strategy. The game constantly provides engaging challenges and enjoyable gameplay.
The first step for everyone wanting to go on this supermarket management journey is to download and explore the vibrant universe. Your management prowess will be put to the test and refined right here, providing many hours of enjoyment and fulfillment.


Will there be a cooperative or even multiplayer mode in this game?

Although we don’t currently have plans for multiplayer support. we’ll see where the game develops.
Perhaps later on

Has anything been released for Linux, Mac, Playstation, Xbox, or Switch?

There is currently no information about development for additional platforms like Linux, Mac, or consoles.

Is it okay if I ride my bike in front of the store?

Though it’s just accessible for decoration right now, this will soon be able to be used as a bicycle or perhaps a vehicle in a later edition.

Is it possible to adjust the mouse or key mapping settings?

Please be patient as a more thorough version of the game menu will soon be accessible. They allowing you to complete your important missions quickly.

Is there a way to use the keyboard’s Numpad to operate the credit card pad?

Soon, the card reader will include keyboard functionality.

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