Zapya 6.5.6 Latest Version Download for Android

Name Zapya 
Dewmobile, Inc.
 Genre Sharing Files and vedos
 Size 22.76 MB
 Version 6.5.6
 Update Feb 27, 2024.
 MOD Unlocked

Zapya is a cross-platform file sharing program Application. that allows users to easily transfer files between devices wirelessly. They created by DewMobile Inc., It is quite popular because of how easy quick and flexible. In sharing files whether they be documents, movies music or photos. It is simple and doesn’t need wires or an internet connection. Users may easily move files across PCs, tablets cellphones and other devices .They independent of the device’s operating system. This makes it a valuable tool for users looking for dependability efficiency and convenience in their file-sharing activities.

It users move data across devices independent of their operating system. It is one of best features. Finally the guarantees seamless file sharing with friends family and coworkers on any device Android. iPhone, Windows Mac and so on without any compatibility problems. Because of its adaptability It is a useful tool for users with a variety of device preferences. The ability to share files wirelessly is another important feature that makes Zapya appealing. This makes file sharing simple and hassle-free by removing the need to deal with physical connections which also saves time.

Download Zapya Apk for Android

In Additionally, provides a number of cutting-edge technologies that improve the file-sharing experience. For instance, group sharing is supported by the app, enabling users to move files to many devices at once. Sharing material with friends or coworkers at meetings events or get-togethers is a great usage for this. It may transfer data quickly and easily without using more conventional means like Bluetooth or USB cords by using Wi-Fi or personal hotspots. To further streamline the procedure Zapya QR code sharing functionality.

It allows users to connect and share data by only scanning a QR code shown on another device. The offline chat feature of Zapya which enables users to converse. One another even in the absence of an internet connection. It is another significant feature. They makes sure that you may text-based communicate with friends and coworkers even when you’re in a distant place or an area with spotty network connectivity. All things considered is a strong and adaptable file-sharing program that meets the various. Its makes file transfers between devices easier with its cross-platform compatibility, fast transfer rates, sophisticated features, and strong security options.

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Key Features:

  • A large variety of operating systems.
  • They including in Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and iOS, are supported by Zipya.
  • It enables cross-platform file transfers across devices for consumers.
  • The customers may utilize Wi-Fi to wirelessly transfer data across devices.
  • The removal of the need for internet access or cables.
  • fast file transfer speeds enable customers to exchange big files.
  • Users of may form groups and distribute data across several devices.
  • It’s perfect for sharing media with loved ones coworkers or pals.
  • They may connect and transfer data rapidly with Zipya by scanning a QR code presented on another device.
  • It has an offline conversation functionality in addition to file sharing.

What’s New?

  • They are improving its usability and intuitiveness.
  • New optimizations have been developed.
  • It makes file sharing even quicker than it was previously possible.
  • Now provides cloud storage service integration.
  • More devices are now supported by it, thanks to its enhanced device compatibility.


  • Compatibility between platforms.
  • Rapid file transfer.
  • Sharing QR codes and group sharing.
  • Chat feature that works offline.
  • Integrated media player.
  • Remote file administration.


  • It may sometimes have problems connecting
  • Sometimes the interface might be crowded.
  • Certain functions may need a paid membership.

System Requirements:

  • Android: Versions 4.1 and above.
  • iOS: 9.0 or a later version.
  • Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • macOS: Version 10.10 and above.

How to Install and download Zapya?

  • Visit the Google Play Store Apple App Store, Microsoft Store, or Zapya’s
  • official website to download the Zapya app for your device.
  • To install the app on your smartphone once it has downloaded,
  • Use the application on your smartphone to open the Zapya app when installation is finished.
  • After logging in, choose to share files with other devices by choosing.
  • After installing and configuring  you may share files quickly and easily with friends, family.


Zapya is a quick and easy wireless file transfer solution. It transforms the way we exchange data across devices. In addition without the need for cables or an internet connection. Finally the offers a dependable and easy method to transfer data whether you’re at home at work on the move. With its most current improvements and upgrades. Furthermore sophisticated features which include an integrated media player. The file encryption choices and file backup and restore capabilities. It enhance the simplicity and security of file sharing. Users of may transfer files fast and effortlessly while safeguarding their data and privacy with its encryption and backup capabilities.

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